San Michele Appiano

St. Michael Eppan

San Michele Appiano

For well over 2000 years, the area around Eppan has been fruitful for the cultivation of quality grapes. Within the heart is South Tyrol (arguably the area’s finest grape growing ‘spot’) where the St. Michael Eppan winery is located and has been producing some of the regions finest wines for over a century. At the helm is Hans Terzer, who works closely with around 340 individual growers, some of which only farm a hectare or 2, to protect the quality of all the grapes that go into his wines. He has done a yeoman’s job taking these wines into the next stratosphere. Each passing vintage the Gambero Rosso awards its highest honor ‘Tre Bicchieri’ to numerous wines from this special winery. Especially the Sanct Valentin line, themselves known as some of the area’s most prestigious wines. They were also awarded the Gambero Rosso Winery of the Year in 2000.

Classic Line

Wine Vintage Pack Size Case/Bottle 10 Case/Bottle
SMEPGC16C Pinot Grigio 2016 12/750 176.00/14.67 158.40/13.20
SMEPGC16A Pinot Grigio 2016 12/375 104.00/8.67 93.60/7.80
SMEPNC15C Pinot Nero 2015 12/750 198.00/16.50 178.20/14.55
SMELNC11C Lagrein 2011 6/750 102.00/17.00 91.80/15.30

Cru Line

Wine Vintage Pack Size Case/Bottle 10 Case/Bottle
SMEPBS15C Pinot Bianco ‘Schulthauser’ 2015 6/750 108.00/18.00 97.20/16.20
SMEPGA15C Pinot Grigio ‘Anger’ 2015 6/750 108.00/18.00 97.20/16.20
SMERGM10C Riesling ‘Montiggl’ 2010 6/750 108.00/18.00 97.20/16.20
SMESNL15C Sauvignon Blanc ‘Lahn’ 2015 6/750 108.00/18.00 97.20/16.20

Sanct Valentin Line

Wine Vintage Pack Size Case/Bottle 10 Case/Bottle
SMEPGSV13C Pinot Grigio 2013 6/750 192.00/32.00 net
SMECYSV14C Chardonnay 2014 6/750 192.00/32.00 net
SMEPBSV13C Pinot Bianco 2013 6/750 192.00/32.00 net
SMEGRSV14C Gewurztraminer 2014 6/750 182.00/30.33 net
SMESBSV13C Sauvignon 2013 6/750 195.00/32.50 net
SMESBSV15A Sauvignon 2015 6/375 111.00/18.50 net
SMELNSV12C Lagrein 2012 6/750 216.00/36.00 net
SMEPNSV11C Pinot Nero 2011 6/750 212.00/35.33 net
SMECSSV08A Comtess 2008 6/375 220.00/36.67 net
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