Villa Raiano


Villa Raiano

Campania, as a wine growing region, has a near perfect way of essentially “blending in” with the rural communities of that part of south-eastern Italy. Some of the local folks literally have DOCG Fiano di Avellino vines growing up the side of their homes! Started by the brothers Basso (Sabino & Simone) along with their brother-in-law Paolo Sibilio over 20 years ago, Villa Raiano is located snuggly between 2 predominant mountains of Irpinia in San Michele di Serino, at the heart of the DOCG Fiano di Avellino area. This allows for ideal grape growing conditions and as such, these vineyards are farmed organically. In 2009 a modern ‘green’ winery was constructed. The focus here is strictly on the unique, indigenous varietals of the region. Most of the fruit used is estate grown, with approximately 20% coming from rented vineyards, where their farming is meticulously overseen by the family.

Wine Vintage Pack Size Case/Bottle 10 Case/Bottle
VRAAGL12C Aglianico 2012 6/750 100.00/16.67 90.00/15.00
VRAFDA13C Fiano di Avellino 2013 6/750 100.00/16.67 90.00/15.00
VRAFAA12C Fiano di Avellino ‘Alimata’ 2012 6/750 132.00/22.00 118.80/19.80
VRAFVD11C Fiano di Avellino ‘22’ 2011 6/750 132.00/22.00 118.80/19.80
VRAFAL14C Falanghina del Beneventano 2014 6/750 84.00/14.00 75.60/12.60
VRAGDT14C Greco di Tufo 2014 6/750 100.00/16.66 90.00/15.00
VRAGCM12C Greco di Tufo ‘Contrada Marotta’ 2012 6/750 132.00/22.00 118.80/19.80
VRATAU09C Taurasi 2009 6/750 212.00/35.33 190.80/31.80
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