Oslavia Hill is in a prime part of the Collio region, due south about 600 meters from the Slovenian border. This area is known in the local dialect as ‘Ponca’ meaning clay-type earth. The unique wind known as ‘Bora’ whips down the nearby Isonzo River Valley providing the vines brisk ventilation as well as an ideal temperature range through the entire length of the day. It is here that shortly after WW2 Silvan Primosic ‘restarted’ the family wine business his father Carlo had begun at the end of the 19th century, but had to cease due to the start of WW1. Now Silvan, with sons Marko & Boris are producing top quality wines with open minds insofar as modern techniques, yet with a strict respect for past traditions and a passionate focus on Ribolla Gialla. Silvan is a pioneering winemaker in Collio, having been one of the first people to believe in the potential of the region & produce wines there of the utmost importance.

Wine Vintage Pack Size Case/Bottle 10 Case/Bottle
PRIBIA12C Bianco ‘Klin’ 2012 6/750 147.00/24.50 132.30/22.05
PRIFR115C Friulano 2015 12/750 156.00/13.00 140.40/11.70
PRIMAL15C Malvasia 2015 12/750 156.00/13.00 140.40/11.70
PRIMET11C Rosso “Metamorfosis” 2011 6/750 198.00/33.00 178.20/29.70
PRIPGM15C Pinot Grigio ‘Murno’ 2015 6/750 90.00/15.00 81.00/13.50
PRIRIB15C Ribolla Gialla 2015 12/750 156.00/13.00 140.40/11.70
PRIRIR12C Ribolla Gialla Riserva – OOS 2012 6/750 144.00/24.00 129.60/21.60
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