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PiemontePiemonte, translated as "the foot of theCosta di Bussia Estate mountain," is Italy's leading DOC region with a total of fifty. In this part of northwestern Italy, French influence on the winemaking process is notable. Historically, many fine wines have been produced here-too many to mention short of writing an encyclopedia. This region hosts an abundance of native whites, such as Cortese, Arneis, and Erbaluce. If the whites don't sound familiar, the reds surely will: Barbera, Dolcetto, Brachetto, and Nebbiolo, which is the base grape of Barbaresco and Barolo. Sparkling wine-such as Asti Spumante, a sweet version made from the Moscato grape-have attained worldwide recognition and distribution. Piemonte is also one of the most densely planted wine regions in the country, with a significantly different approach to viticulture. Typically, producers work small plots of land. For Barolo and Barbaresco, the average size of a respective vineyard is 5 acres (2 hectares). Their base grape, the Nebbiolo, is difficult to work with: the skin is thin and subject to harm from numerous factors, including hail. Barolo has been dubbed the "King of Wines" and the "Wine of Kings," while Barbaresco is considered equally powerful and complex. Nebbiolo takes its name from the root of the word nebbia, or fog, and indeed the grape thrives on the thick mist that forms during the late growing season and subsequently allows it to ripen slowly. One might think Barolo and Barbaresco are thin wines at a glance, but the thin skins of Nebbiolo release fierce tannins, creating a powerful punch in these regal reds.

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Carlo Giacosa

Siena Imports Carlo Giacosa Wines

Since in Barbaresco the vine was not the Mistress of the hills, Donato Giacosa, the father of Carlo, the owner of the firm, decided to link his life to her and to his soil. Donato knew the art of grafting inside out and so his work, applied also to the vineyard of other owners, has been very important in the spreading of vine cultivation and is still evident today.

In the 60ís, with the cooperation of his son Carlo, Donato Giacosa carried out the wine production and selling on their own, as well as the vine cultivation. Today this work continues, with the collaboration of Carla, the wife of Carlo, and Maria Grazia, one of their daughters.

Siena Imports Carlo Giacosa
Red Wine:
Barbaresco “Narin” - D.O.C.
Barbaresco “Montefico” - D.O.C.

Costa di Bussia

Costa di Bussia

Founded in 1874 by Luigi Arnulfo, one of the pioneers of wine-growing in the area around Alba, this estate in the Bussia district on Monforte d'Alba includes 15 hectares of south-facing vineyards producing wines with special, complex tasting features. The soild on the Costa di Bussia cru is mostly marly from the Tortonian age: the starting point to produce wines of great structure intended for a very long life. As long ago as the late 1800's, the Barolo wine crossed the Atlantic from these vineyards on its way to the American market.

Since 1988 it has belonged to the Sartirano family, who are jealous custodians of the heritage left by the local entrepreneur. The Costa di Bussia wines are made using only estate - grown grapes, and following the traditional ageing process in the ancient cellars that are exported throughout the world.

Siena Imports Costa Di Bussia wines
Red Wine:
Dolcetto d’Alba - D.O.C.
Barbera d’Alba - D.O.C.
Barbera d’Alba - D.O.C. "Campo del Gatto"
Barolo - D.O.C.G.
Barolo Riserva - D.O.C.G.
Barolo “Tenuta Arnulfo” - D.O.C.G.
Barolo “Campo di Buoi” - D.O.C.G.

San Silvestro

Siena Imports San Silvestro Wines

The Sartiranos began their oenological activity in 1871 and since then, following the skills inherited from their ancestors and combining tradition with the modern equipment and techniques, they have been making and selecting high quality wines in the "Cantine S. Silvestro". The organoleptic qualities of all their wines accord unique features to the "Cantine S. Silvestro".

Superb vintage wines and excellent table wines vary in the alcoholic content and their extract on the basis of the viticultural area of the product. These refined wines, which satisfy the most demanding palate, have made it possible for the "Cantine S. Silvestro" to achieve prestigious commercial goals.

Siena Imports San Silvestro
White Wine:
Cortese “Adelasia” - D.O.C.
Red Wine:
Barbera d’Asti “Aleramico” - D.O.C.
Barbera Piemonte “Ottone” - D.O.C.
Nebbiolo d’Alba - D.O.C.
Barbaresco "Magno" - D.O.C.G.
Barolo "Patres" - D.O.C.G.
Desert Wine:
Moscato d’Asti