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UmbriaWith international recognition for more than 20 Cesari WinesDOC zones, the Veneto is one of Italy's principal wine producing regions in terms of quality and quantity. The Veneto's love affair with winemaking reaches back into antiquity. The Romans founded the cities of Verona, Vicenza, and Padova, and Venetian trade routes connected Europe with Asia and subsequently brought great wealth to the region. It is believed that producers near Verona-with its temperate climate and hilly surroundings-have been cultivating grapes since the Bronze Age. Beyond its renowned trading history, the Veneto oversaw the creation of the very first school of viticulture and oenology in 1885 and the establishment of the earliest strada del vino or "wine road", affirming its historical contribution to the winemaking process. The Veneto is home to the largest group of commercial producers (GIV), and the contrast between industrial and artisanal wine production is striking. The three most well known DOC zones are Bardolino (produced in the town of Bardolino and on the shores of Lake Garda), Valpolicella (which produces a succulent age-worthy red), and Soave (known for its aromatic full-bodied white). In the provinces of Verona, wine connoisseurs will find the rich and powerful Amarone. Prosecco, considered the traditional Venetian wine and grown in the Conegliano and Valdobbiadene, has a fruit-driven and palate-cleansing taste. Carpene` Malvolti Prosecco is produced in an area influenced by the warm Adriatic currents and cool breezes funneling down from the Alps, creating an idyllic environment for preserving acidity and aroma. It is the perfect choice as an aperitif!

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Sparkling Wine:
Prosecco Treviso "Verv"- D.O.C.
Prosecco Valdobbiadine Sup."Vigneto Dirupo" D.O.C.G.
Prosecco Valdobbiadine Sup."Vigneto Dirupo" Millesimato D.O.C.G.
Prosecco Cartizze D.O.C.G.

Carpene Malvolti

Siena Imports Carpene Malvolti

Created in 1868, Carpenč Malvolti is the result of Antonio Carpenč Senior, famous enologist and chemical scientist, pursuing his dream of producing the festive and sparkling wine that only the French were capable of making at the time.

Antonio Carpenč who had connections with Koch, Pasteur and the greatest scientists of his time, wrote treatises on oenology that are still in use today, and incited the peasants to believe in their soil and the quality of its produce, and to invest in and update their agricultural techniques.

Indeed Carpenč Malvolti was the First producer of sparkling wines using scientifically tested methods, rather than empirical knowledge. Antonio Carpenč is credited for perfecting the Charmat Method in Italy which he modified in specific ways and applied to the making of Prosecco.

Before others producers, Antonio Carpenč Jr. preceded all and wrote as first the name Prosecco on the main label of the bottle in 1924.

Prosecco, the plant that best represents the character of a region and the soul of its inhabitants, was mentioned for the first time in 1772 by Francesco Maria Malvolti, an academic, in the minutes of a meeting of the academy of Agriculture; and in 1850 Count Marco Giulio Balbi Valier singled out and selected the Prosecco grape varietal.

In 1876 the love of Antonio Carpenč for this plant, the soil, culture and the wine of the region lead to the establishment of the First School of Oenology in Italy, at Conegliano Veneto. The school divulged the culture of the grapevine and the respect for the soil, the most important heritage of the people of Conegliano and the surrounding hills that had grown vines for over two thousand years.

In 1878 Antonio Carpenč Senior opened a steam distillery plant and his sixt son, Etile Senior, started to produce grappa in the unmistakeable pumpkin shaped bottle, still on sale today. Etile Carpenč Junior, the member of the fourth generation of the Carpenč family continues to navigate the ever changing world of Prosecco.

In 2009 Prosecco, Conegliano-Valdobbiadene became a DOCG wine elevating the lively sparkling wine to the most important wines of Italy.

The name Carpenč Malvolti has always played a key role in the history of Sparkling Prosecco: it is a history made up of study and research, and of traditions passed on through four generations of great sparkling wine makers.

Nowadays Carpenč Malvolti Prosecco, with its freshness, fruitiness and softly aromatic perfumes is not only an easy-to-drink young wine which makes a great aperitif, but its marked finesse and balance lend themselves to its use on special occasions as well.

Siena Imports Carpene Malvolti
Sparkling Wine:
Brut Millesimato
Prosecco Cuvee Brut
Prosecco di Conegliano - D.O.C.G.
Prosecco Treviso
Rose' Brut
Brandy N/V
Grappa Vecchia / Bianca


Siena Imports Carpene Malvolti

Gerardo Cesari Senior founded the Cesari S.P.A. in 1936 embodying care for tradition. Franco Cesari continues to carry the expression of distinction alongside Gerardo Cesari, his son and Deborah Cesari, his daughter. Together they manage 40 hectares (96 acres) with additional support of small grape growers in the heart of the Valpolicella area in San Pietro in Cariano. Presently, their goals include constant modernization of equipment at their winery in Cavaion Veronese; to avoid wasting natural resources; researching the recycling of energy and materials; maintaining the environment of the vineyards and to employ new techniques while maintaining tradition. Their portfolio focuses on the historic wines (Amarone, Valpolicella and Soave) while looking forward to the future; blending local grape varietals (Corvina, Rondinella and Garganega) with the international grapes (Cabernet, Chardonnay and Merlot).

Siena Imports Cesari
White Wine:
Soave - D.O.C.
Pinot Grigio-Il Fiorile - I.G.T.
Red Wine:
Bardolino - D.O.C.
Merlot - D.O.C.
Valpolicella - D.O.C.
Valpolicella Classico “Mara” (Ripasso) - D.O.C.
Amarone della Valpolicella - D.O.C.
Ripasso “Bosan” - D.O.C.
Amarone “Bosan” - D.O.C.
Amarone della Valpolicella “Il Bosco” - D.O.C.