Cantina Calasetta


Cantina Calasetta

Sant’Antioco is a small island located off the south-western coast of Sardinia. It is here Cantina Calasetta was started over 85 years ago. Most vineyards on the island contain sandy soils with pre-phylloxera, ungrafted old vines. These vines are strongly influenced by the famous Mistral winds. An absolute appreciation of the land, along with the aforementioned factors all contribute to the islands’ unique terroir.

Wine Vintage Pack Size Case/Bottle 10 Case/Bottle
CALCAR10C Carignano del Sulcis ‘Piede Franco’ 2010 6/750 106.00/17.67 95.40/15.90
CALCTU10C Carignano ‘Tupei’ 2010 6/750 117.00/19.50 105.30/17.55
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