Andreola Stefano Pola

Winemaker Stefano Pola harvesting high elevation Glera for single vineyard Prosecco


The good folks at Andreola were extremely instrumental in helping their main growing region gain the noble D.O.C.G. status, which Valdobbiadene Prosecco Superiore did in 2010. They farm approximately 40 hectares of steeply sloped vineyards, containing clayey, sandy soils within the lauded province of Valdobbiadene.   With elevations averaging around 400 meters asl their holdings fall into the category of mountain viticulture. Planted mostly to Glera (known by locals as Prosecco), with small amounts of Verdiso, Perera & Bianchetta and farmed with an emphasis on sustainability.


In charge of operations is Stefano Pola, who has valiantly continued what his father Nazzareno started in 1984.  Originally a competitive cyclist, Nazzareno used his race winnings over the years to invest in vineyards and winemaking equipment.  What started as a passion project when he wasn’t on his bike became a thriving multi-generational family business.  Stefano, whom was raised among the vineyards views his work and lifestyle as one and couldn’t image it any other way.


Progressive with their vision for Prosecco, Andreola is one of few focusing on the practices of farming and bottling Rive selections (Cru’s) .  With vast soil and elevation differentiation in Valdobbiadene they’ve seen tremendous distinction among their collection of site specific wines.  An unusual approach compared to many neighbors, but a testament to the potential and excitement for the local varieties.

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