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Siena Imports

Who Is Siena Imports?

Siena Imports

Siena Imports, Inc.Siena Imports, Inc. was founded in 1978 by partners Romano Chietti and Andrea Bartolozzi, who wanted to create a family-run endeavor based in San Francisco. With the addition of Jason Chietti in 1997 Siena Importsand Serena Chietti in 2000, as well as an experienced and enthusiastic support staff, Siena Imports has developed into a multigenerational organization with a heartbeat of its own.

Siena Imports, Inc. was created with the intention of providing the American market with fine Italian wines that represent the historically diverse spectrum of styles from the 20 REGIONS that comprise the Italian peninsula.

At a time when winemaking can be affected by modernization, emerging technology, and changing trends in production techniques, Siena Imports devotes its search for wines to producers who maintain regional traditions while pursuing the best possible vintages. Not surprisingly, many of them have gained worldwide recognition. As a result, Siena Imports represents more than 160 wines from 40 PRODUCERS by focusing on both small, family-run wineries as well as large, international cooperatives such as Machiavelli, Cesari, and St. Michael Eppan.

Where Can I Find Siena Imports Wines?

Siena Imports

Siena Imports, Inc. has a number of restaurant, retail, and online locations where our wines can be purchased. If there is a specific wine that you would like, please let us know, or contact the retailer. This list comprises some of our larger vendors in both Northern and Southern California, we will be updating the site soon with a complete list of vendors, for now, please follow the links for their locations.

Retail Locations:

Andronico's Community Markets -
Artisan Wine Depot -
Beltramo's Wines and Spirits -
Biondivino -
Cal Mart - 3585 California St, San Francisco, CA 94118
Canyon Market -
Corti Brothers -
D&M Wines and Liquors -
Draeger's Markets -
Du Vin Wine and Spirits -
Gene's Fine Foods -
The Grapevine -
Haight Street Market - 1530 Haight St, San Francisco, CA 94117
Half Moon Bay Wine and Cheese -
K&L Wine Merchants -
Lucca Deli -
Lucca Ravioli Company -
Lunardi's Markets -
Marin Beverage Outlet -
Molinardi Deli -
Mollie Stone's Markets -
Noriega Produce - 3821 Noriega St, San Francisco, CA 94122
Piazza Fine Foods -
Prima Palate -
Prestige Liquors - 1300 Burlingame Avenue, Burlingame, CA 94010
San Francisco Wine Trading -
Wally's Wine and Spirits -
Whole Foods (Numerous Northern and Southern California locations) -
Wine Exchange -
The Wine House -

Online and In-Store Retailers:

Artisan Wine Depot -
Beltramo's Wines and Spirits -
Biondivino -
Corti Brothers -
D&M Wines and Liquors -
Du Vin Wine and Spirits -
K&L Wine Merchants -
Prima Palate -
San Francisco Wine Trading -
Wally's Wine and Spirits -
Wine Exchange -
The Wine House -

Restaurant Locations:

54 Mint -
A Bellagio -
A16 -
Acqua Pazza -
Acquerello Restaurant -
Adesso -
Amarena -
Angelino's -
Bar Crudo -
Beretta -
Il Borgo -
Bubble Lounge -
Campo di Bocce -
Capaninna -
C'era Una Volta -
Chateau Marmont -
Chiaroscuro -
Cucina Paradiso -
Culina at the Four Seasons Hotel -
Delarosa -
Delfina -
Dell'uva -
Della Santinas -
E baldi -
E' Angelo -
E' Tutto Qua -
Evvia -
Farina -
Firenze by Night -
Flour & Water -
Fradelizio's -
Frantoio -
Gambardella's -
Gaspare's Pizza -
Giuseppe's Pasta and Grill -
The Grapevine -
Graziano's -
Hostaria del Piccolo -
I Gatti -
Il Cielo -
Il Davide -
Il Fornaio -
Il Postale -
Incanto -
It's Italia -
Jackson Fillmore Trattoria -
Jason's -
Kokkari -
La Ciccia -
La Ginestra -
La Pizzeria -
Trattoria La Siciliana -
Locanda -
Locanda Portofino -
Locanda Positano -
Locanda Veneta -
L'Opera -
Madeo Restaurant - 8897 Beverly Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90048
Mama Lucia Pizza -
Mescolanza -
Mezzaluna -
Michael's on Naples -
Oenotri -
Oliveto -
Pazzia - 337 3rd Street, San Francisco, CA
Piatti Ristorante -
Piazza D'Angelo -
Picco -
Piccolo Venice -
Pizzetta 221 -
Poggio -
Quince -
Risibisi -
Ristobar Emporio Rulli -
Ristorante Marcello's - 2100 Taraval Street, San Francisco, CA 94116
Il Ristorante di Giorgio Baldi -
Sapore Italiano -
Sausalito Sea Horse -
Sociale -
The Tipsy Pig -
Tommaso's -
Tony's Pizza Napoletana -
Tra Vigne -
Uva -
Vin Santo -