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Considered the Italian Riviera, Liguria is a beautiful yet Siena Imports Cinque Terredifficult region for winemaking. The steep, terraced cliffs that hang over the coastal Cinque Terre area have captured the hearts of tourists and Italians alike. It would seem that very little agriculture, let alone viticulture, would be suited for this area, but in fact more than 100 grape varietals are produced here. This is the land of Vermentino, a varietal that thrives on salty air and poor soil, found here in abundance. Other native white varietals include Bosco and Albarola; native reds include Pigato, Rosses, Sangiovese, Ciliegolo, and Ormeasco (Dolcetto). Nothing beats the pleasure of accompanying a plate of fritto misto (mixed fried seafood) with a glass of white Cinque Terre wine on a hot summer day.


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