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Lombardia possessesIl Calepino Winery Cellar a dynamic wine culture that is approaching worldwide recognition much like its neighbors. With widely varied terrain that encompasses plains, hills, mountains, and the rugged Valtellina area, Lombardia has 16 DOC’s, two of which are DOCG. Highlights include wines from Lugana near Lake Garda; the Oltepo Pavese area; the Valcalepio near Bergamo; and Valtellina, which produces some of the most interesting red wines from a Nebbiolo grape varietal dubbed “Chinvennaska” in local dialect. The strongest reds include Inferno (“hell”) and Sforzato (“forced”) made from dry aged grapes similar to the Veneto’s Amarone. The region also employs the Champenoise method-considered the highest-quality method in Italy-when the second fermentation of the wine is done in the bottle. Finally, one cannot leave the region without a taste of the rare Moscato di Scansano.


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