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With international recognition for more than 20 Cesari WinesDOC zones, the Veneto is one of Italy’s principal wine producing regions in terms of quality and quantity. The Veneto’s love affair with winemaking reaches back into antiquity. The Romans founded the cities of Verona, Vicenza, and Padova, and Venetian trade routes connected Europe with Asia and subsequently brought great wealth to the region. It is believed that producers near Verona-with its temperate climate and hilly surroundings-have been cultivating grapes since the Bronze Age. Beyond its renowned trading history, the Veneto oversaw the creation of the very first school of viticulture and oenology in 1885 and the establishment of the earliest strada del vino or “wine road”, affirming its historical contribution to the winemaking process. The Veneto is home to the largest group of commercial producers (GIV), and the contrast between industrial and artisanal wine production is striking. The three most well known DOC zones are Bardolino (produced in the town of Bardolino and on the shores of Lake Garda), Valpolicella (which produces a succulent age-worthy red), and Soave (known for its aromatic full-bodied white). In the provinces of Verona, wine connoisseurs will find the rich and powerful Amarone. Prosecco, considered the traditional Venetian wine and grown in the Conegliano and Valdobbiadene, has a fruit-driven and palate-cleansing taste. Carpene` Malvolti Prosecco is produced in an area influenced by the warm Adriatic currents and cool breezes funneling down from the Alps, creating an idyllic environment for preserving acidity and aroma. It is the perfect choice as an aperitif!


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