Marko Primosic 


Oslavia is a tiny village in the far-eastern foothills of the Collio.  With their vineyards bordering Slovenia it is here that the Primosic family has been living, farming and making  wine since the end of the 19th century.  Things looked different back then as Carlo Primosic used to supply wine in large wooden casks to merchants who would then travel to Vienna to sell it.  This original operation was smooth until the devastation of WWI, which put a halt on production, distribution and the overall optimism of Europe where the battles were being fought.  It wasn’t until decades later, post WWII that vineyard and cellar activities re-emerged.  


Silvan Primosic was next up and most certainly had a pioneering spirit he inherited from his father.  After years of rebuilding and organizing they shifted gears to bottling vs cask sales and produced their first label in 1964.  Silvan was a leader in expanding the awareness of the Collio as a whole and was one of the first members of the Consorzio.  As they established the reputation of the area and as a producer of remarkable wines with a sense of place they were now on the map.  Over the decades Marko & Boris who were raised in the vineyards now run the show and have continued the efforts towards global recognition of the Collio. 


Marko & Boris are humble men with the utmost respect for tradition and the soul of Oslavia.  Ancient winemaking techniques are practiced to showcase some of their most exquisite wines like Ribolla Gialla, Friulano & Pinot Grigio.  Indigenuos yeasts, extended time on the skins, open top barrel fermentation and large Slavonian vessels for maturation.  Glowing amber wines have really made a resurgence and the roots are very well known in the Collio.  The region is also known for its many international varieties that made a home here thanks to Napoleon and these too are to be relished with their distinguished personality. The Collio is most certainly a land of minimal inhabitants, yet an abundance of character, grit and heart within many of their producers and specifically Primosic. 

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