Cooperativa Cinque Terre


Monorail system for safe harvest

Cooperativa Cinque Terre

Iconic wine does not have to cost in the hundreds or thousands to be considered ‘iconic’. Here is, what we and many other wine aficionados consider, an iconic wine in that Cinque Terre is a one of the most privileged terroirs in Italy. Due mainly to its lack of size and that the vines are on such extreme slopes, right down to the sea, which has them literally clinging to their unique terraces! This aspect and also that some of the vines are around 80 years old are the just a few of the secrets to producing such incredible grapes. This 250+ member ‘Cooperativa’ (some members working only a few rows of vines!) are all committed to producing the finest grapes they possibly can which results in this consistent, classy white wine. Lastly, iconic in the sense that no ‘other’ Cinque Terre had been imported (until very recently) into the States for nearly 20 years.

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