Bagnasco sisters. A winemaking duo. 


Farming and Piemonte are in the blood of Piero Bagnasco.  With his father cultivating produce to sell at his village grocery store and farmer markets Piero always had a connection to the land and its bounty.  He made a living himself on the sales side of agriculture and food, but in 2007 he pursued a rare opportunity to purchase a winery and vineyards from a friend in La Morra, Barolo.  His focus shifted to wine production and Agricola Brandini was reborn.  


Previously the 8.5 hectares of vineyards that surrounded the winery were sold off to other producers to make wine, but Piero had a different vision.  He began converting everything to organic viticulture and was intentional about minimal intervention winemaking to let the vineyard speak.  These are the practices set in place from the start and are the guiding principles that his daughters Giovanna & Serena were brought up on.  Over the years they became young adults in these vineyards; it was only natural that they were inspired by the craft and wanted to captain the ship that their father had built.  


The Bagnasco sisters are a modern duo with traditional souls.  By cultivating healthy vineyards and intervening as little as possible they showcase different soils, exposures and microclimates in their Barolo bottlings.  All unique, but always in line with the theme of elegance and finesse that La Morra offers. 

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