Lorianno Giannetti with son & daughter Luca & Silvia.


7 generations of the Giannetti family have overseen the fattoria as well as wine production at Assolati.  Nestled in the rolling hills between Maremma and Monte Amiata, it is set upon 105 hectares of woods & farmland in Castel del Piano just 45 km from the sea. It is also worth noting, Assolati is due west of the ‘Strada della Provinciale Macinaie’ which is one of the ancient wine routes that run through the Brunello region.


The farm produces olive oil made from a combination of up to 4 or 5 different types of olives.  Volcanic matter in the soils are a big reason why these wines are so fleshy and mineral-driven. Many of their vineyards have similar altitudes (around 350 meters asl) as those in Montalcino. Annual case production is miniscule at less than 1000 cases.

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