Citille di Sopra

citille di sopra

Poggio Ronconi Vineyard

Citille di Sopra

At the Citille di Sopra farm Fabio Innocenti is the grower, winemaker and owner.  Preceded by his father Claudio, who purchased and managed the property since 1957, Fabio has been running the show since 1997.  A multi-use land with only 5.5 hectares planted to Sangiovese Grosso and the rest encompassed by olives, wheat and woodlands.  A no frills farmer, Fabio is hands on and in the dirt everyday tending everything he grows.  He emphasizes organic practices in most years (given rain doesn’t jeopardize the vintage)  and is diligent with his canopy management, green harvest approaches and is a minimal interventionist in the winery.  The prized jewel of the property is his one hectare vineyard ‘Poggio Ronconi’ that has soil so dense you can cut it and use it for tile.  Composed of stone, clay, river rocks and limestone, this site is used only for the dashing single vineyard Brunello. 

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