Fattoria Montellori

Montelorri Vin Santo

Trebbiano drying for Vin Santo production

Fattoria Montellori

The Nieri family started Fattoria Montellori over 120 years ago back in 1895. This modern yet modest winery was constructed in such a way so as to essentially blend in with the surroundings. Located in Fucecchio, approximately 40 kilometers southwest of the city of Pistoia at nearly the exact point between Florence & Pisa. On the grounds there is a majestic garden containing unique florally landscaped pieces of contemporary art, including rock sculptures and themed floral arrangements.


Although founder Giuseppe Nieri started with just a few hectares to farm, over the decades the numbers of hectares farmed here has increased and is now close to 60, due in large part to the hard work of Alessandro, son of Giuseppe. He discovered many of his vineyards through the innovative use of a light aircraft. There are 5 different vineyard holdings, all within the Chianti zone, some of which contain very old vine Sangiovese & Trebbiano. Ancient remnants of aquatic matter blanket a few of these vineyards due to the area having been a sea bed some 1.7 million years ago. The aforementioned traditional varietals are at the heart of their production; some vitis vinifera vines are also championed.

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