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Two distinct properties are combined to make up Moris Farms. The farm is quite large, nearing 500 hectares in total size. Tenuta Poggetti contains 37 hectares of vineyards & Poggio La Mozza, which includes 33 hectares of vines classified under the Morellino di Scansano DOC. These vineyards are farmed organically and contain vastly different soils; Poggetti having clay with elevated calcium levels while La Mozza soils are mostly crumbling rock with limestone traces & a sandy appearance.


For over 200 years the Moris family has been producing wines in the Maremma region of Tuscany. The flagship wine here is an opulent, heady blend of non-traditional varietals called ‘Avvoltore’ which is named after the hawk of Maremma, a large bird of prey that looms over the vineyards. One of the finest producers in the Maremma.

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