Cesari Harvest

Corvina harvest


Back in 1936 Amarone visionary Gerardo Cesari had big plans to create a wine that rivaled the premium classics of Italy and France. As a believer in the terroir of Verona, he spent decades directing his efforts towards growing the perfect grapes, drying with proper ventilation and vinifying in balance.  His persistence led him to what he believed was the best expression of Valpolicella.


His son Franco joined him in the early 1960s after attaining oenology degrees in both Italy & France. It was Franco who really carried out his father’s dream to have his wines enjoyed by the world and by the 1970s Cesari wines were distributed in all 5 continents! Documented as the first Amarone to sail through the Port of San Francisco in 1974, via Siena Imports, it is still here today with notoriety. We can’t dismiss these efforts to distribute an undisputed wine nor can we dismiss the black matted/ frosted bottle of undisputed uniqueness that it is bottled in.


In 1994, 25 hectares of vines devoted to Amarone production were acquired. Among them Gerardo identified 4 top quality Crus: Bosan, Il Bosco, Jema & Centofilari, all of which are distinct sites producing unique wines.  These single vineyard wines have been the pinnacle of Cesari craftsmanship for the last 25 years.

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