Domini Veneti

Domini Veneti

Valpolicella Classico

Domini Veneti

Although Cantina Valpolicella Negrar has been producing quality wines for 85 years, Domini Veneti was created in 1989 to showcase the distinct terroirs/cru’s within the Valpolicella Classico area. They work with seasoned growers to focus on their 5 Cru’s known for individual uniqueness. Their philosophy has always been to encourage their 230 farmers (who farm over 700 hectares) to be extremely responsible & show the utmost respect to the environment.


There is a deep connection to Amarone specifically here, due to the fact that back in the mid 1930s just after the creation of CVN, their very own cellarmaster was the 1st maker of Amarone, by mistake of course. Having allowed a prized yet forgotten barrel of Recioto to ferment all the way dry & surely not wanting to waste it, he insisted the President of the newly created coop taste his new wine. Upon his taste he declared, loosely translated: “This is not bitter, this is Amarone!”


We’re thrilled to be representing 5 of Domini Veneti’s finest offerings: An Amarone Classico which combines all 5 Crus, a heady Super Veronese-style blend, a Ripasso-esque wine which includes Cabernet Sauvignon & an “entry level” duo Valpolicella Superiore & Pinot Grigio that represent some of the finest values in our portfolio.

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