San Michele Appiano

St. Michael Eppan

Eppan district 

St. Michael Eppan

With humble beginnings in 1908 the cooperative of San Michele Appiano was born.  Local growers, typically with only a few rows of vines and their own personal garden for fruits and vegetables, would pull their harvest together to make wine.  After one hundred years this model is still in place, but in the 1970s winemaker Hans Terzer brought a tremendous amount of intention and vision to what was happening and transformed the local co-op to a world renowned producer.  The foundation was similar to what exists today, but Hans began working with the 300 growing families to analyze soil and microclimate on their land to make sure the best suited varieties were being grown there.  Once this was in place the winemaking became more meticulous and emphasis on letting the terroir speak was paramount. 


Years later he took it further and began experimenting with the fresh, zippy whites of his land, by aging in French oak, a practice not common at the time.  The antitheseis is represented in the Sanct Valentin line.  It showcases the cream of the crop grape selection from various vineyards in the Dolomite foothills and time in barriques.  The expression is often cited as a harmony between acidity, creaminess and minerality.  After a 40 year stretch Hans continues to deepen his relationship to the varieties and the particular vineyards that suit them best. 

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