Barbanera governo

Barbanera Toscana Rosso ‘Governo’ | 2020

Importer Notes:  A technique invented in 14th century Toscana to aid fermentation before the advent of temperature controlled tanks.  Partially dried grapes are placed into the wine contributing to a complete fermentation while adding depth, richness and concentrated aromas. 

Grapes:  70% Sangiovese 30% Merlot

Farming:  Sustainable

Soil:  Calcareous & clay.

Winemaking:  Fermentation in stainless steel.  Dried grapes are added after the original fermentation where it then re-ferments adding texture, depth and body.  The wine is then aged 6 months in French barrique.

Tasting Notes:  Dark berries, cocoa, balsamic, raisins and hazelnuts.  Rich, complex and velvety. 

Pairings:  Grilled beef and pork.

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