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Located in the Russian River Valley, the Battaglini winery is a realised dream of Giuseppe Battaglini and his wife Lucia.   Growing up in the countryside of Tuscany (Lucia in Mendoza, Argentina) the two were destined to recreate their youthful memories of tranquility among nature and grapevines.  They met in San Francisco in 1961, built a family together and later solidified their lifelong vision when they purchased the old Lagomarsino winery in Sonoma County, circa 1988.  The vineyards were originally planted by Barthlomeow Lagomarsino, an Italian immigrant, who brought with him Zinfandel and Petite Sirah vines, which he planted in 1885.  A unique discovery by the Battaglini’s who are now noted as one of the oldest producing vineyards in the country.  


To this day the old vines remain intact, most of which are 135 years old.  In accordance with nature the farming practices on their 30 acres is organic, the vines are head pruned and the grapes manually harvested.  Indigenous yeasts are a standard in winemaking along with minimal sulfur additions.  In many cases wines are held back from release contributing to their development and maturation in bottle.  Following the noble path his father paved, to be a steward of the land and make great wine,  Dino Battaglini is currently the chief vigneron and winemaker.  The youngest of four, the parent of 20 farm animals, an evolving distiller, a charcuterie maestro and a wildcard of a host!

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