Lambrusco Salamino

Cantine di Carpi e Sorbara Lambrusco di Salamino | NV

Importer Notes:  The Lambrusco variety Salamino di Santa Croce gets its name from the compact, cylindrical shape of its grape cluster that resembles salami.  The “ Santa Croce” part in its name is a reference to the Santa Croce church in Carpi where the vine is said to have originated.

Grapes:  100% Salamino di Santa Croce

Farming:  Sustainable

Soil:  Compact clay with limestone.

Winemaking:  Produced using the Charmat method.  The first fermentation is vinified like a still red and then the wine undergoes a second fermentation in steel tanks. 

Tasting Notes:  Dry, purple froth, ripe red cherry, raisen and dried fruits.

Pairings:  Prosciutto and fresh cheeses.

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