Cooperativa Cinque Terre ‘Sciacchetra’ Passito | 2013

Importer Notes:  Named after the sound of the waves crashing at the base of the terraced vineyards, ‘Sciacchetra’, is an unforgettable Ligurian passito. 

Grapes:  80% Bosco 15% Albarola 5% Vermentino

Farming:  Sustainable

Vineyard:  Sourced from all five villages (Monterosso, Vernazza, Corniglia, Manarola and Riomaggiore).

Vine Age:  10-80 years 

Altitude:  50-600 MASL


Winemaking:  2 months appasimento. Fermentation with skin concact, 3 years aging in barrel.

Production:  544 cases

Tasting Notes:  Nutty sweetness, dried fruit, candied citrus, toffee and honey.

Pairings:  Canestrelli (Ligurian butter cookies).

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