Cantina di Carpi e Sorbara

ER – Lambrusco

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Cantina di Carpi e Sorbara

Hailing from the renowned gastronomic epicenter of Emilia-Romagna Cantina di Carpi e Sorbara has production roots dating to 1903.   This is when Cantina Carpi began crafting the typical Lambrusco wines native to this region.  In the last decade they’ve joined forces with Cantina Sorbara (founded in 1923), where they’ve combined their resources to provide even more opportunities for cooperative farmers to make wine.


In the early 19th century the cooperative system was very important given small individual vineyard holdings and the economic hardships of The Great Depression. It was nearly impossible for growers to produce wine for an entire region on their own.  For over a century Cantina Carpi e Sorbara have continued along those same lines and currently work with 1200 different cooperative farmers to produce Lambrusco in each of the significant D.O.C.’s

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