St. Michael Eppan Sylvaner | 2020

Importer Notes:  With central European origins Sylvaner is mostly found in Germany, Austria and France, but has small quantities produced in Alto Adige.  It is considered a crossed variety as it was bred from Traminer & Österreichisch-Weiß (Austrian White).  

Grapes:  100% Sylvaner

Farming:  Sustainable

Vineyard:  Vineyards in Chiusa.

Vine Age:  5-35 years

Altitude:  600-700 MASL

Soil:  Alluvial with schist.

Winemaking:  Fermentation and aging in stainless steel.

Tasting Notes:  Crisp and bright.  Citrusy, herbal and lightly honeyed.

Pairings:  Shellfish, poultry with herbs.

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