Il Calepino ~ Metodo Classico Brut ~ NV

Importer Notes:  A remarkable bubbly made from the lesser known area of Valcalepio in Lombardia. 

Grapes:  70% Chardonnay 30% Pinot Nero

Farming:  Integrated Pest Management

Vineyard:  Chardonnay from 7 hectare vineyard (30 year old vines).  Pinot Nero farmed in 3 hectare vineyard (15 year old vines).  Both along the Oglio river.

Vine Age:  15-30 years

Altitude:  220 MASL

Soil:  Morainic (ancient glacier debris).

Winemaking:  Metodo Classico.  5 years on lees, 9 months in bottle after disgorgement.  4 g/l dosage.

Tasting Notes:  Green apple & stone fruit with brioche.  Lingering mineral notes.

Pairings:  Crudo.

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