Il Calepino ~ ‘Kalos’ ~ 2018

Importer Notes:  A distinct Cabernet made with the Appassimento method where grapes are dried before pressing.  “Kalos” or “Good Earth” is an ode to drinking well.  

Grapes:  100% Cabernet

Farming:  Integrated Pest Management

Vineyard:  2 hectares of Cabernet along the Oglio river

Vine Age:  25 years

Altitude:  220 MASL

Soil:  Morainic (ancient glacier debris).

Winemaking:  25 days drying after harvest before press.  1 month maceration after fermentation followed by 2 years in French oak (225l – partial new partial used).

Tasting Notes:  Roasted coffee, tobacco & spice.  Warm & complex.

Pairings:  Roasted meats, stews & aged cheese.

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