La Montina

La Montina

La Montina Estate in Franciacorta

La Montina

In 1982 three ambitious brothers, Gian Carlo, Vittorio and Alberto Bozza purchased a property known as Villa Baiana from a group of Dorothean nuns.  The 16th century property included 12 hectares of surrounding woods and vineyards, a farmhouse and a convent.  With its unique position in the northeastern corner of a prestigious appellation they had faith this was where they would manifest their dream… To make Franciacorta. 


Tucked into a morainic amphitheater, the land was perfect for growing the classic varietals for this wine.  Once the vines were planted they began construction on a winery that would become a cellar masterpiece buried within a hillside.  Imperceptible from the outside, there are tunnels and underground rooms crafted for an ideal aging environment.  Their distinctive approach continues with the dedication to organic viticulture, the use of a custom built Marmonier press (ancient basket style) and a gravity flow system; all of which contribute to their graceful expressions of Franciacorta.

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