La Montina Franciacorta Brut

Importer Notes The Franciacorta Brut is the perfect introduction to La Montina.  A classic representation of the appelation showcasing elegance and finesse. 

Grapes:  85% Chardonnay 15% Pinot Nero

Farming:  Organic

Vineyard:  A blend of vineyards from 7 communes in Franciacorta

Vine Age:  10-25 years

Altitude:  200-500 MASL

Soil:  Morainic (ancient glacier melt)

Winemaking:  After the initial fermentation and aging (seven months) the wine is blended with a previous vintage and then bottled with the liqueur de tirage (raw sugar cane & yeast) where the wine undergoes its second fermentation in the bottle and rests for 24 months on the lees.  After disgorgement a blend of still wine and raw cane sugar is used for the dosage.  This Brut ends with 7g/l of residual sugar.

Production:  600 cases (9l)

Tasting Notes:  Fresh fruit, flowers and lightly baked bread.

Pairings:  Enjoyed as an aperitif and with fish or poultry.

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