Il Calepino


Oglio River separating Valcalepio from Franciacorta

Il Calepino

Sitting just east of Bergamo in the tiny area of Valcalepio is the property that Angelo Pleibani founded in 1972.  Now run by his sons Franco & Marco, it spreads 20 hectares of vines planted in moraine terraces along the Oglio River.  Since the beginning they’ve employed unique production practices that are outside the appelations norm by using the Metodo Classico and Appassimento method.  The cool continental climate and well draining morainic limestone soils are ideal for grape growing and is very much likened to the neighboring Franciacorta terroir.  Hence the ambition for quality sparkling wine made from Pinot Noir & Chardonnay.


With curiosity as the backbone of the winery they use the locally grown grape Cabernet (which many use for the regulated Valcalepio DOC) and add a layer of complexity by drying it on straw mats after harvest.   Operating outside of the legal production practices for the area the wine is produced under IGT Bergamasca, but delivers a level of superiority that is unrivaled by other DOC Rosso’s.


The winery takes its name from the encyclopedic Friar who was well known for writing the dictionary during the Renaissance… Fra Ambrogio Calepio known as Calepino.  A local legend who’s life work inspired the pursuit of knowledge and exploration.

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