paneretta vin-santo

Castello della Paneretta Vin Santo | 2010

Importer Notes:  Truly a holy wine as its drying and fermentation process that slowly takes place over 5 years creates a remarkably distinct Nectar of the Gods.  

Grapes:  70% Trebbiano 30% Malvasia

Farming:  Organic

Vine Age:  20-25 years

Altitude:  240-270 MASL

Soil:  Galestro.

Winemaking:  Four months drying after harvest.  Aged 5 years in caratelli (small wooden casks) sealed and stored below the roof of the cellar.

Production:  125 cases (9l)

Tasting Notes:  Intense aromas of nuts, dried and candied fruit.

Pairings:  Cantuccini Toscani.

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