460 Casina Bric

Gianluca Viberti

Gianluca Viberti | Owner, Winemaker 

460 Casina Bric

After decades of winemaking under the Viberti family name, Gianluca Viberti decided it was time to navigate an independent path within Barolo.  In 2010 he purchased 12 hectares mostly in Barolo proper where he now farms at the highest peaks in the commune with elevations averaging 460m.  Casina Bric is a translation of “farmhouse on top of a hill”.  Hence the name 460 Casina Bric.


With dedication to organic viticulture Gianluca is a firm believer in respecting the land in the present and considering its longevity for future generations.  An eccentric outdoorsman with a deep connection to nature and respect for history.  His winemaking emphasis is traditional; with long macerations, indigenous yeasts and large Slavonian barrels.  With his adventurous spirit he makes two Nebbiolo d’Alba Spumante’s from vineyards in the Roero, which is rare among his astute colleagues in the area, but quite historic as Nebbiolo d’Alba was Italy’s 3rd DOC for sparkling wine.

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