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Costa di Bussia

It was Luigi Arnulfo, a legend of the land, who founded Costa di Bussia back in 1874.  Luigi was a local pharmacist producing some of the first medicinal Chinato’s in Piemonte.  He later acquired vineyards along with the Bussia estate where he began making wine with local varietals.  The property is in the Barolo commune of Monforte d’ Alba and more particularly it is located in the Bussia Cru.  Because of its long history the name Bussia, a well known Barolo Cru, has been grandfathered into the estate’s name.  


A man of many firsts he was also involved in some of the first exports of Barolo to the United States beginning in the early 1900s.  Brittle old thank you notes from importer Carlo Rossi and others have been kept as artifacts to solidify the timeline of his pioneering efforts in production and exportation.  The estate is still producing wine today and tending the same vineyards years after Luigi has passed.   It is now in the hands of the Sartirano family who have been farming in Piemonte since the late 1800s.  Recognizing the importance of the Bussia estate they preserve the name, the stories and the integrity set forth by Luigi Arnulfo over 150 years ago.  The emphasis continues with single vineyard Barolo,  early drinking wines of the region (Dolcetto and Barbera) and remarkable Chinato’s.  

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