sanct valentin comtess

Sanct Valentin Passito ‘Comtess’ | 2010

Importer Notes:  Passito is a term to signify winemaking with dried grapes.  In this case the drying happens on the vine as the grapes are not harvested until the end of December.  

Grapes:  70% Gewurztraminer 15% Riesling 15% Sauvignon

Farming:  Sustainable

Vineyard:  Vineyards at the foot of Valentin Castle and Pinzano/Montagna.

Vine Age:  20-25 years

Altitude:  330-600 MASL

Soil:  Limestone & gravel.

Winemaking:  Late harvested in December, soft pressed, fermented in stainless steel and aged in French Oak for one year.

Tasting Notes:  Exotic ripe fruits, honeyed and opulent.

Pairings:  Fruity desserts, blue cheeses, apple strudel.

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