Founded in the year 2000, by Martino Zanetti, the name Theresianer pays homage to a historic brewery founded in the Borgo Teresiano district of Trieste in 1766.  This was a time of great significance as it is when Empress Maria Theresa of Austria transformed this small fishing village into the most important trade center of the Habsburg Empire.  Today, Theresianer is located at the foot of the Alps in the city of Treviso, where Mr. Zanetti and his team of master brewers craft their beer with respect to central European traditions. 


A classic style with just a few simple ingredients of distinct quality: water, malt, yeast and hops.  They source local Dolomite mountain spring water,  import Bavarian barley and Tettnang hops from Germany and use the “forefather”  Carlsberg yeast for fermentation.  Production takes place with Slow Brewing principles that allow for gradual fermentation and gentle maturation.  Relatable beers with a sense of place.

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