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Roberto Mascelloni

Quaint, rustic and naturally romantic is the basis for the Poggio al Vento property run by the Mascelloni family.  Located in the Val d’Orcia (the southern stretches of Toscana) you find yourself navigating a steep, narrow gravel road to an old farmhouse that has all the old world charm you’ve dreamed of.  At the top of the hill behind the ancient stone walls of this micro estate you look DOWN onto the renowned Montalcino in the distance, which the locals proudly bring to your attention.  Here they also farm the famed biotype Sangiovese Grosso…. and it just so happens to be at higher elevation.  Just some light neighborly competition, but it speaks to the level of wine this lesser known appellation is producing. 


Originally started by Lido and Marisa Mascelloni in 1961 it is their son Roberto who has been running the grape and olive department at their farm and Agrotourismo for over 25 years.  They produce olive oil and wine in small quantities from a winery that is so tight inside that you’re shoulder to shoulder while tasting barrel samples.  Maxing out at two thousand cases per year, Roberto makes stunning Sangiovese and a blend of Sangiovese / Foglia Tonda (an ancient Tuscan variety).  All 3 hectares of vineyards are farmed organically, the wines are aged in neutral french oak and bottled with little to no filtration.   The Orcia DOC is a road less traveled, but the depth of its wine deserves the area more recognition.  

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