Tosti Vermouth di Torino Riserva ‘Taurinorum’

Importer Notes: An ancient recipe formulated in the 1800s. Based in the local Muscat variety and steeped with 30 different botanical herb extracts.

Herbs:  Roman Wormwood: harvested and dried in Piemonte = bitter character. Saffron, cinnamon and vanilla = sweet notes. Chamomile, sage, savory and oregano = herbaceous qualities. Star anise, iris, coriander, nutmeg = ethereal character. Orange peel = citrus tones. Cinchona, rhubarb, aloe vera, gentian root = sophistication. Cane sugar = balance.

Tasting Notes:  Intense apricot, honey and almond notes.  A balance of sweet savory and bitter.

Pairings:  After dinner cheese plates.

Critical Acclaim:  WE | 95

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