Andreola Stefano Pola

 Harvesting high elevation Glera for single vineyard Prosecco


What started as a hobby eventually became an obsession and a multi-generation family business.  Professional cyclist, Nazzareno Pola, was known to use his earnings from races to purchase vineyards in his hometown of Valdobbiadene for personal winemaking.  Over time, this cycle led to an accumulation of enough acreage, equipment and expertise to share his production locally and abroad.  1984 marked the first year of commercial production with the name Andreola, which pays homage to Nazzareno’s mother Andreola – Orsola.     


Raised in the vineyards, his son Stefano, is the madman behind what Andreola has blossomed into today.  A boutique Prosecco house that farms predominantly in the mountainous terrain of Valdobbiadene (the cooler climate area of the D.O.C.G.) with terrifyingly steep vineyards and old vines.  Their vines average 45 years in age and top out at 75 years.  Paired with the drastic vineyard elevations (up to 450m) and varying exposures, it is clear why there is such an emphasis on bottling Rive selections (a.k.a. Cru’s).   Progressive with his vision Stefano produces more site specific sparkling than anyone else in the territory and is a pioneering mind in regard to this priority for Prosecco.




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