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Angelo Rebuli used to make wine for friends and family back in the 1960’s before entering the realm of commercial production.  He personally delivered wines in Demijohns with only handwritten labels and was genuinely overjoyed by sharing his creations.  With a deep interest in exploring fermentation his craft grew to a profession when he launched the Rebuli winery in 1980.  A deep understanding of the local terroir led Angelo to purchase vineyards in prime locations within the Prosecco territory.  Production is rooted in Valdobbiadene, where the winery is located, and extends into small parcels within Asolo, Vittorio Veneto and Cartizze.  


Over the decades the business has become a family affair and the three Rebuli sons Marco, Paolo and Gianni split the roles and handle all operations from growing, winemaking and export.   Their collective efforts have led to many sustainable developments at the winery including the use of organic matter as fertilizer, solar energy, recycled bottles, corks from forests with sustainable practices and manual grape harvests.  The efforts are always evolving and with respect to the land at the forefront they continue to harness the unique landscape their area provides to bottle premium Prosecco.



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