Carlo Giacosa


Carlo Giacosa & daughter Marie Grazia (2nd & 3rd generation)

Carlo Giacosa

Founder Donato Giacosa played an integral part in the history of wine. As an expert vine grafter, he along with 2 others were responsible for many of the vines grafted to American rootstock during Europes’ futile battle with Phylloxera in the 1940’s & 50’s. Three primo vineyards within Barbaresco (Asili, Ovello & Cole) containing mostly old vines are farmed with minimal intervention allowing the grapes, especially the noble Nebbiolo, to fully express themselves. Since the early 1960’s, son Carlo has been at the helm, still assisted by Donato, along with the help of various members of their extended family to manage the winery and sales. Natural, native yeasts only as well as minimal sulphuring in the vineyards contributes to the ultimate care for the grapes and the land that produces them. Annual production here is a sparse 3400 cases approximately.

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