Franco Pacenti Canalicchio

Franco Pacenti Family

Lisa, Serena, Franco & Lorenzo Pacenti

Franco Pacenti Canalicchio

The story of the Pacenti’s begins with the patriarch Rosildo, a man of peasant origins born into the sharecropping system of Tuscany in the mid 1920s.  Raised on the land it was instilled from a very young age to be connected with the environment and it was no surprise that he would purchase a farm in 1962.  After an abundance of time reshaping his new vineyards he’d label his first Brunello in 1966.  This was at a time when there were less than 20 producers in the region and 14 years before the appellation received its DOCG status.  As one of the early believers of the territory Rosildo saw the future of Montalcino and the opportunity for its local variety Sangiovese Grosso to thrive.  Fast forward 20 years and it was Franco, whose name the winery bears, who began to lead the ship and later provided the same inspiration for his 3 children Serena, Lisa & Lorenzo who run the winery today.  


They are located in the quaint village of Canalicchio, just northwest of the historic town of Montalcino. The farm is 36 hectares in total, with 10 hectares planted to Sangiovese Grosso and lush olive groves surrounding.  Their vineyards, re-planted between 1980-2002, are divided into 6 parcels, have a northeast exposure, are at an average altitude of 300 MASL & contain clayey soils.  The Brunello here is vinified in temperature controlled, stainless steel with extended maceration on the skins, then aged in medium-to-large Slavonian and French oak casks.  The farming practices are in accordance with organic standards and they have a certification on the horizon.  Stepping just outside the winery walls to their elevated patio with sweeping views of Montalcino hillsides it’s easy to understand why it was so easy for each generation to stay involved in the family business. 

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