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Le Berne

Located in the southeast of Montepulciano (Cervognano) is Podere Le Berne, whose name derives from an Etruscan term meaning hilltop.  Their farm stretches 21 hectares with 12 hectares planted to vines and the rest to olives and woodlands.  In the 1960s it was Egisto Natalini with his son Giuliano who began their efforts here, planting Sangiovese (locally known as Prugnolo Gentile) and other native grape vines that are still producing fruit today, such as Canaiolo Nero and Mammolo. 


With old vines, ancient soil (rich in seashells and rocks) and a hands off approach to winemaking the Natalini’s are able to capture the most compelling elements of their terroir.  Stylistically the wines are perfumed, earthy and graceful.   Since the 1990s Andrea (son of Giuliano) has been the head of winemaking and with his tenure as the President of the Consorzio for some time he upholds the highest level of tradition in the vineyards and winery.  The Natalini’s believe they live in the best place on earth and tend the land accordingly as to protect it for future generations. 

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